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Les Lobbs Diary
Les Lobbs Diary
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Happy new year ........ The Spanish certainly like their fireworks, or should that be mortars; the last one I heard was at 2.15am. Today has started, albeit a trifle late, with a sunny morning and silence from most of the vans on site; there was one cafe open when we had our walk, with another opening at lunchtime. All the nearby shops are closed; Harry had a ride round, to see if he could get a paper, but with no success ... so looks like another afternoon reading. I've just finished reading Charlotte Gray, by Sebastian Faulks, a really good book, well written, and am now starting Peter Kays autobiography.

Specially for Trevor
Had a few good sunny days; today is warm but cloudy. Took the bus to La Cala this morning, to look around the large open air market they have every Wednesday. There was a herb stall selling Pil Pil, which is used a lot in Andalucia, usually with olive oil and prawns. I've got a recipe off the net, so that's our meal sorted for tonight. The supermarket was heaving when we went to buy the prawns, because tomorrow is a holiday in Spain. Most of the other stalls were selling "girly" things, like jewellery and handbags etc. ... we did buy some of the sweet coated peanuts you see for sale everywhere, and polished them off while waiting for the bus to come home. Harry has gone to Gibralter on his scooter, because he can't find lamb chops to his liking here, there is a Morrisons just inside Gib. so he should get them there.

Today is Three Kings day, a very important day for Spanish people, with many fiestas and celebrations. On the left is a pic of their 3 Kings cake, which is like a bread wreath covered in candied fruit. Sunny start, so off for a walk, when the gaffer gets back from her shower. Spoke to Trevor on skype, and it sounds as if we may see them in a few days, as they are starting off tomorrow.
Had a good long walk (not by Barry's standards), and coffee on the way back. Twas still sunny, so sat out and read, and then Dawn defrosted the freezer, after storing the food in a friends freezer. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, so the panels should get a wash!!

I've booked sunshine for Trevor and Glenda, and it looks good for the week; had a drop of rain yesterday, but nothing to keep us in. Received a pic from Ann, which showed just how bad it can get on a pizza diet; Barry tried to keep it warm, and set fire to the box. Hope he remembers to clear it up off the patio, before he gets the wildlife addicted to it as well. We spent a very enjoyable evening yesterday, at the van of the couple who fell ill before Xmas and postponed their Xmas lunch and celebrations. Job for today is to wire the car radio to the leisure battery instead of the engine one, so that we don't have to worry about flattening the starter battery.
Jobs done ... spent the rest of the day gathering rays and a bit of shopping; nice surprise at Lidls when we were given 2 boxes of chocolates, gratuit. Thought they would be OOC, but no, just over ordered Xmas stock.

Trevor & Glenda arrived yesterday afternoon and parked just in front of us. We spent last evening catching up on their news, over a few drinks outside the van; a beautiful clear evening. Plan today is to take them, on the bus, to the market at La Cala; it is 7.00 am, and it sounds quite blowy outside, so may have to revise our ideas. Off for a douche now, while the controller of finances is still sending up zzzzzzs'; she may have coffee ready when I get back, but am not holding out much hope.
Gave up the market idea, and will probably go Sat, when there are more stalls. Had lunch at the cafe with G&T and then "played" with the DSi, that arrived today, while Dawn sat in the sun, and got her nose even redder.

Had an hilarious evening when G&T came to our van to try out our latest charity shop find .. the boardgame Cranium. It's a combination of general knowledge, charades, word puzzles, and a bit of plasticine modelling; as the level in the wine bottle went down, the enjoyment and hilarity seemed to increase.

On Friday, Trevor and Glenda gave us a smashing lunch, with salmon that they cooked on their "Cob", a stainless steel cooker that uses charcoal. (have put it on the wish list)
Visited La Cala market yesterday with G&T; shoes for the gaffer, salted almonds for me. Walked to the beach in La Cala and could see why it is so popular, clean sand and lots of it! Finished off with a coffee at the Irish bar and then bus back to the site.
Today has started cloudy, but still warm; we had a walk to the paper shop and updated the Ipod at a free wifi cafe. G&T might take the bus to Fuengy this afternoon but I think we will stay put and do the xword and read the papers.
Just had an update from the budding chef in P'boro; he has discovered that if you put sweetcorn on the cooker and go for a wee and forget it, it tries to turn into popcorn while, at the same time, ruining the pan. Ban him from the kitchen I say!!

Sunshine today, but changing later in the week, according to the Spanish weather station. Caught the bus (wish I could use my wrinkly pass) to the centre of Fuengy, with G&T. We walked to the port/marina to look at the boats; a beautiful day with a gentle breeze, but not one yacht out sailing. There was a small bar/cafe alongside the port, so we had lunch there, and were serenaded by a chap with a saxophone, and offered "genuine" Rolex watches, handbags and CDs by beach sellers. We then walked all the way back along the seafront to the bus stop we usually use, outside the campsite we stayed at years ago. Both shattered when we got back to the van, so sat outside in the sun with a pot of Twinings.

Started off the day by combining ideas and pipe fittings with Trevor, to help clear a blockage in his waste tank. After lots of back flushing, and Glenda pouring bowls of water down the shower room sink, Trevor got beneath the van and removed the waste hose from the tank .... still no water??? Then the pipes were traced back to the tanks (Trevors van has 2) only to find that the tank with the "problem" was in fact empty, because it only served the shower, which of course was not being used, as the site has a good shower block. With everything connected up again we decided to take the bus to a camp site on the outskirts of Fuengy to compare prices and facilities. Now I know that all buses look similar, but when we tried to board a school bus we did receive a few odd looks... crazy Brits again!! The site turned out to be about 100€ a month dearer than our present site, so the financial dept. decided against changing.

Blowin a good un this morning. Glad to hear that our correspondent from P'boro has asked their grandson to update his browser, so he can now read text without it overlapping. A couple from Yorkshire, Roger and Linda, arrived with their caravan during the week, and last evening they invited G&T, and us, over for a drink. I think the Spanish wine bottles must hold less than normal, judging from the amount of empties on the table when we left. It was a very pleasant evening, where we sorted out most of the world's problems, even if I can't remember too much about it. Sorry to hear about the back Ann, he should have stopped trying out new positions at his age.

Another windy night and the forecast is for a week of it, with plenty of rain on wed. Solar panels are doing better than expected, and still put in just under 1amp when it is dull and cloudy. Actually ran the heating a couple of times yesterday ... wimps. It's Harry's birthday today, 84, and Dawn just took his card round; hope I'm as active if I reach that age. Purchasing dept. Is making out a list so it looks like we'll be off to the shops soon.

Did the shopping, despite leaving "the list" in the van. Our P'boro correspondent is making a bit of a hash of the latest puzzle.. perhaps he'd better ask the grandkids. Less wind this morning (the weather, not me) but still raining. Dawns shoulder is improving after her visit to a chiropractor; got to get it in shape before we hit the locks again in April. Well I suppose today will be more reading and back gammon; she thrashed me yesterday (yes at backgammon, before you ask Barry).

Spooky Tramontana clouds >>>>>>>>>>>>

Our correspondent from Champagnac la Riviere has cracked the sweets puzzle in dazzling time!!
Here's an extra puzzle, cos it's raining and I'm bored. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Suns back!! I expect there will be a mad dash to use the sites washing machines. I think it might be a good idea to hire out Dawn and Glenda as Rainmakers because, yesterday, everytime they hung out washing, or got the loungers out, it rained within 5 mins, and when they took them in, out came the sun. (Like those Swiss clocks!). Our P'boro correspondent seems to be getting himself in a bit of a tizz over the puzzles; I'll try and make the next one a blond one. Glad to hear you're on the mend Ann; next time don't let him talk you into trying things that you should have tried in your twenties.

G&T invited R&L, and us, over for a "lunchtime" BBQ. Trevor, a true master of the slow cooking method, produced a joint of pork that was cooked to perfection. Unfortunately the wind got a bit chilly later, so we had pudding and a final drink in R&Ls awning (it was nearly dark by this time anyway). Got the dongle recharged for another month and realised we have been here for over 2 months; we only .intended popping in for a few days to see Harry. The forecast is for a few days sun, so we should be able to get the shorts on again, and get a few more rays.