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All February puzzles have now got the answers on the "Answers" link --- except for the "9 eagles", which I just cannot find. Got the dongle recharged for another 30 days ... should see us through. We've already had a request from B.C. to meet us on the Leeds & Liverpool near Skipton/Leeds. Last time he visited the boat, with his attractive lady wife, we were on the river Lee, and ended up dangling sausages on strings into the river to catch crayfish; don't know how we will entertain them on the L&L.
Had a ride to Fuengy today (probably our last this trip); it's getting busier with more tourists about and more cafes/shops open. We got off at the bus station and walked down to the port and then west along the front, stopping for a snack and a drink, before catching the bus back outside Fuengy campsite. The port is stacked out with small boats and yachts, but they never seem to go anywhere ... today was clear, sunny and a nice breeze, ideal for a pleasant days cruise. This morning I got an email from Tom Tom with details of a map update, so tried to install it; got part way through and it said a file was corrupted so I spent over an hour deleting files and folders before eventually getting the new map installed. I've just had to replace all my favourites because it deletes them when a new map is installed; still it's worth it and I suppose it does make you clear out a lot of old stuff. Heard from G&T, they are at Alvor in Portugal, where the campsite has now got free wifi. When I get a minute I'll put a few puzzles on; it forecasts a drop of rain soon, so that will probably encourage me.
Here's a video clip thats well worth watching ...
Thunder storms!!!! They sure know how to do them down here. About 5am I heard a distant rumble (not Dawn snoring) and it just got nearer and louder with lightning flashing everywhere and the ground shaking. When it eased off , about 9.30am, I checked on R&L's awning which had a layer of hailstones on the roof and water coming up through the groundsheet. Our neighbour Keith had the leg broken off his awning, but fortunately we were able to get it back together enough for him to roll it back in it's housing. We have just been to Barboru for lunch as it is not "sitting out" weather, although the sun is breaking through as I write this.

Riddle: "The more you take, the more you leave behind" What are they?
You could call them nature's alarm clocks ... at 3.30 this morning we had a clap of thunder that made your teeth jump (mine nearly fell out of the glass). It gradually rolled off along the coast and just as I was dozing off, along came his brother to do the same again. R&L popped in yesterday to let us know that they would be back on site early next week. I think the first job today is shopping as the fridge is looking a bit bare. ---- Done the shopping; called in for a brekky on the way back. Now having a brew and doing the puzzle pages in the telegraph (€4.30 !!); at that price we read every word .. twice. Still not really good enough to sit out, as the wind is quite chilly and the sun keeps disappearing behind the clouds. Ann - How's Mrs B?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Crossword clue:- "Sailor has sole as seafood". (7)

Readers of last months page may remember our blond correspondent from P'boro trying to set fire to the house by heating pizzas in their boxes ... these are the safety precautions his wife has now insisted on.
Bit overcast today, but at least we managed to get a good nights kip, without the thunder. We've just got back, after having Sunday lunch at Barboru; we're going to miss it when we get back on the boat. We both had full roast meals with all the trimmings and homemade puddings, all helped down with wine and coffee; we are now ready for a siesta!

The Frog Riddle
A frog is at the bottom of a 30 meter well. Each day he summons enough energy for one 3 meter leap up the well. Exhausted, he then hangs there for the rest of the day. At night, while he is asleep, he slips 2 meters backwards. How many days does it take him to escape from the well?
Note: Assume after the first leap that his hind legs are exactly three meters up the well. His hind legs must clear the well for him to escape.

Can you see anything funny in the photo on the left?
A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the Emergency Room, took the husband aside & said, 'I don't like the looks of your wife at all.'
'Me neither doc,' said the husband.
'But she's a great cook & really good with the kids.'

It's raining, it's pouring ; I'm not going to add sound, so you can hum it yourself. On Monday Linda took Dawn to M&S near Marbella, where they managed to spend just €3 on two teas. (it seems as though the years of training are working) While they were away gallivanting, Roger prepared a curry for the evening, hot or wot? Harry is expecting his son to visit soon; he is on a package holiday at Benalmadena and usually hires a car to take Harry out. Skyped G&T, who are still at Alvor but plan to move up the coast soon, to visit friends. I think we are going down for a brekky as it is not beach, or sitting out weather....... Had our brekky, and got some good news; Barboru is having free wifi installed today.

Still raining (feeling better Marie?). After our morning stroll and coffee, we were at a loss to know what to do as the wifi at Barboru has not been installed yet ... manana! Fortunately our friend Marie emailed us and we spent the afternoon reading that ... it takes me ages to think of anything to write but Marie just seems to flow. Glad to hear they are OK and that Mike has cut the grass for the first time this year. I've lost my kindle, as 'er indoors has found out how to use it; it's my own fault, I should have hidden it better. Marie - do you want any books or shall we leave them here?

The graveside service just barely finished, when there was a massive clap of thunder, followed by a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder rumbling in the distance.
The little old man looked at the preacher & calmly said, 'Well .. . . she's there.'
For those who liked the gorilla clip here's another clip worth watching
Bet you can't keep a straight face while you listen to this
We've got three birds that we feed on scraps; there's Dave the dove, Hoppy the one-legged blackbird and Sid the sparrow. We had cod last night and after Dawn had crumbed it there was some beaten egg left, so I fried it in the pan, with the fish scraps and the few breadcrumbs that were left, and gave it to the birds this morning. I think it was the first fried brekky they had tasted and they seem well pleased. It's still showery so we might risk going to Lidls before we have our Friday lunch (they have taken cod off the menu because it is so expensive). Dawn is just writing a few lines to Mum which we will post on our way out. .... That was quick; just had a pic back from BC of P'boro to prove that they have a one-legged blackbird also. Guess what theirs is called?

Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones?
A police officer saw a truck driver clearly going the wrong way down a one-way street, but did not try to stop him. Why not?
Keith and Linda moved on yesterday, towards Cartagena. Yesterday was bright enough for Dawn to get the washing done and dried. I spent a couple of hours helping Roger find the cause of problems he was having with his water pump; we eventually found that the micro switch in the pressure regulator was kaput (technical term) and rigged up a switching arrangement to bypass it. In the evening we did a "paella" type meal for R&L and helped to reduce the level of the European wine lake. We have just returned to the van after our last Sunday lunch for this winter at Barboru, and it has started to spit with rain.

Try to figure out this one >>>>>>
There is an answer (at the end of the month) on the Answers page.
I just put the fairy in to brighten the page up!
Still raining and showers forecast for the next few days, so Dawn has changed her hair appointment to midday today, and then I think we will start heading north. North Spain and Southern France are having drier weather, but a bit cooler, so there is no point in staying any longer; we will take a steady trip to Caceres tomorrow. I should be able to keep updating this page through Spain, but France depends upon wifi access so it may be a bit more intermittent.

When a male can't stand it anymore! Priceless shot!
At Caceres Aire N39.48028° W6.36872° Sunny.
We said goodbye to all our friends, old and new, and left Calahonda at 09.30, arrived here at 16.30 after a good drive (529km) in fine weather; scenery is good if you like olive trees and vineyards. We were tanking along the Auto Via, as you do, and a bee decided the inside of my shirt would be a good place to investigate; I eventually managed to squash him, but not before he "got" me on the shoulder. To say this aire is popular would be an understatement; there must be over 30 vans here, with only 3 spaces left when we arrived, and they still keep coming! Tomorrow's trip to Palencia will be shorter at just over 300km..... Just got a text from G&T who are now at Cap Breton, that puts us about 2 days behind them, and they have found a free wifi signal, although it is very weak.

At Palencia Aire N42.00445° W4.53462° Fine.
We left Cacares at 09.00ish and arrived at Palencia at 13.00. Another good run(375km) with just a little drizzle in the mountains; at least there were no strong winds. We passed one lorry that had obviously got no vertigo problems, as he was hanging over the crash barrier looking into the valley below; bet his driver needed clean pants! Only 3 spaces here, it's the fault of that Vicarious book! Last evening was very pleasant with the local band practising at the nearby church and after that a very quiet night. (apart from the vans that decided to leave at 06.30). Forecast for tomorrow is not very special so we'll stay here and look around the town, then move off Friday. Had a message from G&T, they are home and all is well; I bet Glenda will be putting in a few rows of potatoes tomorrow.

At Cap Breton Aire, Blowy
We had a walk round Palencia and then had lunch at the van. Weather was bright and sunny, so we set off at 13.00 and arrived here at 17.30. Bit rainy and gusty going over/through the pyrenees, but overall not a bad run. (377 km) About 20 vans here so far but the water has not been connected yet and no leccy. Got a free wifi signal through Orange "ozone" so we are listening to Simon Mayo on radio 2.

Trevor gave us a few of his pics and I think this one describes best how we would like to remember last winter.
Duckworth Towers, overcast
It was a bit windy overnight at Cap B., but we got a good night's kip. Got an early start, for us, at 08.30 and fortunately the wind had dropped. We had a good run to Bordeaux and then to Angouleme and only the last few kms were country roads, so we arrived at G&T's at 14.15 (430km). Glenda cooked a smashing roast beef dinner and trifle for pudding, brilliant meal, possibly the reason we both slept so well and didn't get up until 08.30! I think we will head for La Roche sur Yon tomorrow morning, as the roads are fairly clear of lorries on Sundays; this is about halfway to John & Jean in Brittany, who we plan to visit before going to Le Lude.

John & Jean, Brittany, sunny.
We left G&T's Sunday morning and had an enjoyable trip to La Roche sur Yon, where we spent a quiet night. There is a pod with water etc. and 2 free electricity outlets, which our neighbour made use of; a lovely setting, next to the river and easy to get to. This morning we left about 09.00, to give the traffic time to clear, and got to J&J's at lunchtime with no holdups. Weather has been sunny and warm but cool at nights. John has just bought a s/h Hymer A class so we have been swapping site info etc..

Little fly upon the wall,
aint you got no clothes at all?
Aint you got no shimmy shirt?
Blimey, aint you cold?

Mary's mum has four children.
The first child is called April.
The second May.
The third June.
What is the name of the fourth child?

Le Lude, sunny.
John fetched fresh croissants this morning, from their local bakery.... delicious. We eventually left about 11.00 and topped up with diesel and LPG on the way to Le Lude. Yellow is definitely the colour of spring; coming through Spain it was the mimosas in flower, in France it is the gorse and forsythia, with lots of cowslips on the verges. When we were about 1hr away from Le Lude we got a phone call from Harry, who we had left in Calahonda, asking us where we were; he was calling from the aire we use at Le Lude! It appears he has to go home for a funeral, so left Calahonda early; we had a brew and slice of flan while we exchanged details of the routes taken. As we arrived at the aire our friend Paul, who we thought was in UK, pulled up to say hello. We then visited Eamonn & Lindsay, who are making a real go of their new Cafe business; their children seem to shoot up a foot every time we meet them (must be all the cakes!)

Still Le Lude area, overcast.
In the van outside Graham & Peggy's house where we had an evening catching up on each other's news, after a great meal. Over the last couple of days we have visited Jim and stayed the night there, then onto Mike & Glenys, G is waiting for further heart treatment but apart from that they are both well and happy. G replenished our stock of chutney with some jars of her own recipes. In the afternoon we managed to get down Howard & Gloria's drive and via their field, which was dry, to their back garden. More coffee and more gossip then to Mouliherne aire, where we spent the night. Next morning it was to La Fleche for another trip to "Noz" (it's a discount store for discontinued lines, bankrupt stock etc.) and back to Le Lude, to Cafe Cake, for a slice of Lindsay's carrot cake and yet another coffee. Bob & Kate were home in the afternoon so we popped over to see them and exchange "Granny gossip" and then look round Bob's prize-winning garden ... Bob has won the "best garden" award in his village so many times that this year he has been banned from entering!
Lots of talk of people moving houses for various reasons, some to buy more suitable places in France, some drawn back to the UK by the "Grandkids Magnet".

Barnstaple, raining.
On Monday we went to Mike & Marie's, where we stayed the night and had a smashing dinner. We left for the ferry at 04.30 the next morning and had an easy run up to Ouistreham. We timed it just right, as we went straight through customs, after a brief inspection, and onto the lorry deck opposite the lift. The crossing was the smoothest we have had and after a few hours kip we had our brekky as we past the Isle of Wight. I think we were third off the ferry, and after a quick chat with customs, we were on the M27 and westward bound. Rain had been forecast both sides of the channel, but we missed it until we hit Devon. (Devon glorious Devon ... rains six days out of seven!). Marie's daughter met us at B&Q Barnstaple, where we said goodbye and headed off to see Paul & Lisa. They had both been busy, with Paul cooking a birthday cake for Dawn and Lisa preparing a full roast dinner ... tis difficult to lose weight with friends like ours! Dawn is getting her ailments sorted out this morning and then we are off to Julie & Steve's in Taunton.

Taunton, changeable
Harry gave us details of a site at Taunton, which we booked into last night; a lot more convenient for J&S's and collecting the wee ones from school. I've been on a spending spree today, renewed Caravan club membership, renewed boat insurance and ordered a Tmobile dongle. Visited Robert and Anne this morning and after we had eaten Bob's crumpets we went onto Mum's: she is very well and puts us to shame .. she is more active at 95 than we are.